Conduct Manual Handling tasks safely

  • Manual handling can be completed at your workplace using your equipment and processes  OR at Rapid Response training rooms, where we simulate standard working conditions and scenarios.
  • All participants must perform manual handling tasks including problem situations, so that we correct postures and assess their sfae handling skills.
  • We make it safe and fun  with respectful handling of people. We will cover all the workplace laws and participants will be versed in the legislative side of the accredited manual handling training.
  • How to identify specific risks and measures to control them.
  • How to report a problem and manteance issues.
  • How to use the equipment in the practice of following people handling techniques:
  1. Bed mobility , slip sheets
  2. Use of patient lifting hoists – lying down hoist and standing hoists
  3. Sit to stand transfers, pivot boards, stand up pivots, Pat slides etc
  4. Mobilising a person safely
  • 3 Hrs depending on numbers.  One on One courses can be organised.